• Ready For The Next Step?

    The 48 HR Breakthrough - Money Facilitator Certification Program allows you to make more money as a coach, consultant or mental health professional. It gives your clients breakthroughs and delivers measurable results.


    It is the next logical step after the 48 HR Breakthrough. It gives you more tools to engage clients and keep them enrolling with you.

  • Here's What You'll Gain

    We're on a mission to equip you to attract more clients and add new revenue streams to your business.

    Money & Horses

    Use your assessment tools in a new way around money

    Learn how to integrate Clifton Strengths or your other assessments with your horses, to offer an experience your clients will love. Insights and revelations abound around their relationship with money!

    Marketing Tools

    We've Got You Covered

    Get marketing bullets, money and business exercises for clients, and more! Your clients will love the work you do around money and their beliefs & blind spots around it.

    Done-For-You Workshop

    Attract High Paying Clients

    We've done the heavy lifting when we created this workshop for your use. It comes with breakthrough coaching that brings powerful results to your clients. Perfect for the business sector.


    Money Coaching

    What? With Horses?

    Yes! Most of your ideal potential clients need assistance in the area of money. If this area is new to you, you'll be amazed at the interest you'll receive for Equine-Assisted Money programs.

    Money is an energy you either connect with or repel and what are horses brilliant at reading? Yes, ENERGY!


    Create New Presentations

    And Step Into The Spotlight

    Increase your visibility within your community by creating new presentations about the important heart-centered work you do. We'll help you every step of the way - from idea to delivery.


    Hands On Coaching

    Draw On Our Experience

    Get hands-on coaching from a coach who's "been there, done that" and built a strong Equine Assisted Model coaching practice. Sharpen group coaching skills.

    Don't worry. She's seen it all (or most of it at least) and is ready to share her knowledge with you.


  • Program Components

    Explore the features of this robust training program.

    12 Live Tele-classes

    Delivered over 6 months

    Each class covers the steps necessary to deliver the 48 HR Breakthrough with ease.

    Recorded Class Audio

    Can't attend live? No problem.

    Learn on your schedule so you don't miss a thing! Great review tool, too.

    Downloadable Materials

    Easy access

    Add these to your toolbox.

    One live 2-Day Intensive

    To be completed with in 12 months of training

    Attend the 48 HR Breakthrough - Money with Coach Lora and the Zero2Sixty Team, to take leadership in time, money, team and results.

    Private Facebook Group

    We are stronger together

    Brainstorm, ask question & get support from a like-minded community.


    Upon completion of all required program components

    Become certified as a 48 HR Breakthrough - Money Facilitator

    Learn To Use Assessments In The Area Of Money - Powerfully

    Utilize the resources readily available

    Learn coaching skills around money. The psychology in money goes deeper than their wallet!

    Equine Assisted Business Coaching That Brings Breakthroughs and Results!

    The Horses Do The Heavy Lifting In This 2-Day Intensive

    You will bring a new level of Equine Assisted Work to your clients that delivers breakthroughs and impactful results!

  • The Power Tools

    You will learn how to masterfully integrate your Assessment Tools in any setting – to individuals, groups or in workshops.
    Identify their strengths and challenges around money, time, and energy - helping them empower their revenue.

  • Clarity & Connection In Money

    Connect your clients emotionally and energetically to their goals, bring clarity to the path to get there and watch them transform.

    You’ll learn to deliver your favorite tools for coaching your clients to clarify and discern what’s really important to them… AND plan specific actions so that they make significant shifts they’re excited about.

    Explore what is happening in their sales engine, unclogging the pipeline for cash flow.


  • Your Money Voice

    The greatest thing about coaching is you have breakthroughs and aha's along the way.

    You’ll discover your voice and learn how to coach your clients to discuss money in life’s most important situations - eliminate money awkwardness and replace it with confidence and courage.

    Learn the secret to creating life-changing boundaries that increase cash flow & self-respect.

  • The New Money Identity

    You will create a new identity in money, eliminating old beliefs and any resistance you have to making more money.

    Help your clients identify their "Box Talk" around money and help them re-write the story in their head.

  • Money Mindset

    You’ll shatter your Glass Money Ceiling and learn how to quickly coach your clients to make income breakthroughs with ease and simplicity.

    Learn about the most damaging money mindsets and discover how to coach your clients into making one significant shift to stop them from overworking, under-earning or under-charging.

  • Fill Your Toolbox

    You will receive a complete formula (and all the tools for use) that makes it easy for you to coach your clients to create their own meaningful life plan, disappear “shoulds” and outline the exact steps they need to take to create a life lived on their terms
    Discover a fun, easy way to anchor your clients’ dreams in the here-and-now, and help them stay passionately focused, taking action day by day to begin anew in life, career or business

  • New EA Coaching

    You'll experience Equine-Assisted Coaching in a new and unique way that will blow your mind. We're excited to share this with you know you'll become a fan, too. The results are measurable and profound. It is merely a tweak in your Equine Assisted Work.